E.K.S.S. Microelectronics Ltd

E.K.S.S. Microelectronics Ltd, founded in 2002, provides engineering outsourcing and consulting services for the fabless semiconductor industry, specializing in technology, product & test engineering, productization processes, reliability, failure analysis and supply chain.

Among our customers are companies such as:

PowerDsine (acquired by MicroSemi), Emblaze Semiconductors (acquired by Zoran), BroadLight (acquired by Broadcom), Percello (acquired by Broadcom), Amimon, BeemTech, And more.

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Customer's testimonials

" I was very pleased with the work E.K.S.S Microelectronics Ltd. has provided to Emblaze Semiconductors. 
The job was done in the most professional and efficient way. 
No doubt we will use them again for our next projects. "

Hamutal Raab, COO, Emblaze Semiconductors.

 “ Excellent job on a tough project.  
I was very satisfied with all the effort and skills E.K.S.S. Microelectronics Ltd. demonstrated in this project. ” 

Izik Kirshenbaum, CEO, Envara.