Company Profile

In the recent years we have noted a growing need for the technology and productization engineering expertise required to support new product development by IC fabless semiconductor companies and IC design houses. E.K.S.S. Microelectronics Ltd offers the knowledge and experience specifically required to meet this need. Our services include all aspects of  ”Productization” : the process of transforming a design into a mature product.

Our Services range from complete turn-key solutions to custom professional services encompassing the following:

  • Technology selection 
  • Interface with wafer, assembly and test foundries 
  • Cost simulation and optimization 
  • Tapeout process 
  • Test program definition and development 
  • Quality and reliability testing 
  • Failure analysis 
  • Yield improvement

In addition, E.K.S.S. Microelectronics Ltd offers training in VLSI technology, developed to meet the required knowledge level of design engineers and layout editors, as well as product & test engineers.

E.K.S.S. Microelectronics Ltd  has vast experience in both digital and mix-signal/analog ICs, high speed, low voltage and high voltage/power ICs, and offers in-depth knowledge and experience in the theory and practice of semiconductor physics, technology, industry practices and standards. A wide network of contacts with foundries, sub-contractors, industry organizations and professionals helps us stay up-to-date with the leading edge of the semiconductor industry.